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The Neuroscience
and Brain Coach

This is not traditional coaching, this is fast, this is quantifiable, this is neuroscience.  This is a path to understanding your challenges, coping with them and overcoming them. This is Elizabeth Hammond.

Elizabeth Hammond is a pioneering coach and mentor with over 20 years’ coaching experience and multiple qualifications ranging from traditional coaching techniques to cutting edge neuroscience.

Her approach is unique and with a clear goal; to empower her clients with a deep understanding of their mental states and how to master them. That means a fast-track education in neuroscience to understand the brain, and coaching in proven tools and techniques to affect change.  Through developing an advanced level of self-awareness, Elizabeth's clients become deeply conscious of their subconscious and learn to create and choose their mental states and feelings no matter what is going on around them. With this comes positive development and fulfilment.

“I love the hard scientific data behind all of these techniques. Every tool I use is quantifiable.”

Underlying this is Mental State Mastery (MSM), Elizabeth’s innovative and life changing programme. With neuroplasticity and HeartMath methodology at the very core of the programme, Elizabeth works closely with her clients through a series of two to three intensive sessions. She gives them the tools and cutting-edge techniques they need to choose their thoughts and feelings so they can deal with any problems they face. Elizabeth strongly believes that arming clients with knowledge is essential before asking them to confront their challenges, so they are equipped to face, conquer and manage them in the future.

“It’s one thing taking people to a difficult place but it’s a whole other experience if they go there, knowing how to deal with it and how to get themselves out.”

Elizabeth’s skills and approach are widely applicable; she works with clients from all walks of life, each with a different ambition in mind or hurdle to jump. MSM is for anyone who wants to improve their wellbeing and choose the life they want to live. It is, in her own words, something that is to be taken seriously. It is hard hitting, and it gets results.