Elizabeth has been studying and coaching for over 20 years and is certified in more than 15 modalities.

She is devoted to continual learning, evolving and studying to ensure she is at the forefront of the latest cutting-edge techniques. Her coaching experience, background and extensive corporate career means Elizabeth approaches her coaching with a unique perspective.

Elizabeth includes essential elements from each of the following modalities within her Mental State Mastery programme:

Masters Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Team Alignment Practitioner

Marriage/Relationship Coaching (Elizabeth went on to create, write and practise her own programme for 3 years)

HIGH Performance Coaching Certificate

HeartMath Certified Coach

Brain Wave Optimisation (BrainState Technologies in the US (Cereset))

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Certified Coach

CTI – Co-active Coaching


Gestalt Certified Coach

Neuroscience of a Resilient Brain

Master Vedic Meditation Practitioner

Advanced Student of Joe Dispenza (regularly attends global conferences and events)

Narrative Coaching Certificate (Listening Partnership)

Elizabeth also has a BA in Business Studies.