Elizabeth Hammond is a pioneering coach and mentor with over 20 years’ coaching experience and multiple qualifications ranging from traditional coaching techniques to cutting edge neuroscience. Mental State Mastery (MSM) is a unique, innovative and life changing programme designed by Elizabeth that combines science with traditional coaching, utilising cutting edge tools and scientifically proven techniques.

Elizabeth runs her programme from her offices in Surrey and London. Typically her clients need 3 sessions with each one lasting approximately 2 hours as well as a commitment to work, from both parties, outside of each session.

The full programme fee is £2,090 (includes 3 sessions).
For a one-off individual session, the price is £780.

EMAIL: reception@elizabeth-hammond.co.uk
TELEPHONE: 020 3207 7779

Pro Bono - if you or someone you know qualifies for Elizabeth's Pro Bono coaching, please send a detailed email to reception@elizabeth-hammond.co.uk.