Mental State Mastery (MSM) blends Elizabeth’s deep knowledge and experience of neuroscience into a coaching process that empowers her clients with an understanding of who they are, what challenges they face and how to overcome them.

“All thoughts carry an energy or a frequency. Change your thoughts and you change your life.”
Dr Joe Dispenza

Mental State Mastery (MSM) is a unique, innovative and life changing programme that combines science with traditional coaching, utilising cutting edge tools and scientifically proven techniques. The programme is intense and challenging, giving clients a fast-track education into the science behind the brain to discover who they are, how they approach life and why they feel and live as they do. With this deep understanding of the who, how and the why, Elizabeth’s clients are taught how to apply their new knowledge to choose their mental states and feelings ensuring they succeed beyond the programme and into the future.

At the core of MSM is real science to affect real change - a set of quantifiable tools with scientific data to back up the process:

Neuroplasticity Refers to the ability of the brain to adapt to an individual’s environment through growth and reorganisation. This explains the ability to learn new skills, store and retrieve memories and adapt to trauma.

HeartMath Considers the function of the heart and its relationship with the brain as a means to influence perceptions, emotions and intuition. By learning to slow the heart rate down and anchoring your feelings to a deliberate emotional state or feeling, it sends a very clear indication to the brain that we are not running or stressed, and the brain and body can relax. The important part of this technique is choosing and focusing on a specific mental state. For more information on HeartMath

Quantum Physics Understanding how you can, scientifically and in a proven manner, change the atoms and energy within and around you through feelings and intent.

Epigenetics Educating how to conquer and rise above what you are genetically prone to in terms of trauma, behaviours and disease development. It is proven that the environment controls the gene so by choosing your feelings and thoughts you can control your mental state and change yourself physically and mentally.

Meditation Using meditation and the latest breath work studies to help you move through brain patterns from beta to alpha to theta which enables you to enter the programming state of the brain and from here significant and rapid mental and physical changes can happen.

Combining these powerful fundamentals with Elizabeth’s 20 years of coaching, significant business experience, multiple qualifications and life experience makes Mental State Mastery the ultimate programme for those who want to develop an advanced level of self-awareness. Through becoming conscious of their subconscious and by learning to create and choose their mental states and feelings no matter what is going on around them, Elizabeth's clients can optimise their overall mental and physical wellbeing and live their best life.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
Wayne Dyer